Evolution and Memory

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Evolution and Memory Caleb Gattegno.jpg

Evolution and Memory


As Dr. Gattegno wrote The Science of Education treatise, he delved deep into the root of learning. This journey took him into the brain, through the ages, and caused him to greatly consider evolution and human potential. He put some of his findings aside for use in this book. Scientists of education may find this slim volume indispensable for their study of memory and its place in our ways of educating the young.

“Looking at all the references made to evolution in my writings on education over 30 years, I now find here and there a link of what is cardinal in this book: that individuality is the key to understanding evolution.”

– Caleb Gattegno

Title: Evolution and Memory
Author: Caleb Gattegno
Second Edition (190 Pages)
ISBN 978-0-87825-081-3
Copyright © 1977–2010
Educational Solutions Worldwide Inc.

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