Gattegno Mathematics Textbook 5

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Gattegno Mathematics Textbook 5


Caleb Gattegno’s approach to math focuses on the process for generating mathematics in the mind. While many believe that math is the skill of a few gifted people, he believed that every student is capable of functioning like a mathematician. By taking abstract concepts and representing them in visible and tangible ways, he found that students can gain mathematical competence well beyond their designated grade levels.

This book is a reprint of Caleb Gattegno’s classic 1970 work Gattegno Mathematics Textbook 5.

The complete reprinted series includes:

  1. Gattegno Mathematics Textbook 1: Qualitative Arithemetic - The Study of Numbers up to 20
  2. Gattegno Mathematics Textbook 2: Study of Numbers up to 1,000 - The Four Operations
  3. Gattegno Mathematics Textbook 3: Applied Arithmetic
  4. Gattegno Mathematics Textbook 4: Fractions, Decimals, Percentages
  5. Gattegno Mathematics Textbook 5: Study of Numbers
  6. Mathematics with Numbers in Colour Book VI: Applied Mathematics
  7. Mathematics with Numbers in Colour Book VII: Algebra and Geometry

Title: Gattegno Mathematics Textbook 5
Author: Caleb Gattegno
First Edition Reprint (83 Pages)
ISBN 978-0-87825-015-8
Copyright © 1970–2011
Educational Solutions Worldwide Inc.

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