Infused Reader Set - Books 1-5


Infused Reader Set - Books 1-5


This set contains the first 5 books in the Infused Readers series. Individual books are available for $5.99. Please email us if you require a single title only.

Infused Readers are a collection of 15 books that organize and simplify the English language for people learning, or teaching, to read. The series is based on Apple Computer software developed by Dr. Caleb Gattegno in the 1980s called Infused Reading. These paperback Readers introduce each target sound individually, and assign it a unique color. As different spellings for the same sound appear, learners can refer back to what they know about the color, and trust themselves to decode and produce the correct sound. Once all of the sounds in the book have been introduced and practiced, students will see that a story has been built one sound at a time. From there, intonation can be practiced, and meaning discussed. Infused Readers are a part of the Words in Color family, but were designed to stand on their own.

Infused Readers Book 1 is appropriate for those with zero to little experience with reading (young children), or those looking to set a new foundation in their literacy journey (non-reading adults, or those with dyslexia or other reading challenges). It is recommended that all users of Infused Readers begin with Book 1 in order to become familiar with the color code.

How to use


Each book contains:

  • a colored chart of the target sounds and spellings (for review, practice, or word building etc.)
  • a note to educators and parents
  • a one page story built one sound at a time
  • two pages of sample words (for further reading practice, or to make your own stories etc.)
  • a bonus story in black and white

The note to educators and parents in Infused Readers Book 1 reads:

This book follows the Words in Color approach to literacy, as invented by Dr. Caleb Gattegno. Our goal is to create independent learners who enjoy finding their own answers. Here are a few tips:

  • Read the left-hand page, but don’t read the right-hand page aloud.
  • Ask questions such as, “Are you sure?” “Have you read this sound before?” and “What color was this sound?” rather than reading the difficult word and providing an example.
  • Let the student try writing each sign after it is read in this book. Then say a sequence of sounds, and have the student write it. Then write some signs, and have the student read it. An example may be auaa uuaa a u. Check that the student reads the sounds with pauses where the spaces are, and writes the sounds with spaces where the pauses are. If they don’t, ask them to read what you tap with a pencil (auaa uuaa a u). Try exaggerating the pause by tapping the sounds with a pencil, lifting the pencil up for the pause, then tapping again.
  • Don’t move on to the next sound until the student has mastered the previous one. Slowing down now will help accelerate the process in the long run.
  • Refer to colors, not alphabet names. For example, this book introduces two sounds for the letter S. Rather than say “What sound does S make?” be more specific and say, “Is this the lime green sound, or the purple one? Read it like it’s green. OK, try purple. Which is correct?”
  • To further explore the sounds and signs, try using the Words in Color Word Charts, Reading Primers, and Workbooks. Many games and exercises can be found in Teaching with Words in Color: Lesson Guides, Techniques, Games. 



Words in Color family

Infused Readers introduce phonetic groups in the same order as the Words in Color Reading Primers, and can therefore easily integrate into any Words in Color curriculum.

  • Infused Readers Book 1 covers the sounds and spellings introduced up to Reading Primers R0 & R1 Table 1.
  • Infused Readers Book 2 covers the sounds and spellings introduced up to Reading Primers R0 & R1 Table 2.
  • Infused Readers Book 3 covers the sounds and spellings introduced up to Reading Primer R2 Tables 3.1 & 3.2.
  • Infused Readers Book 4 covers the sounds and spellings introduced up to Reading Primer R2 Tables 3.3 & 3.4.
  • Infused Readers Book 5 covers the sounds and spellings intoduced up to Reading Primer R2 Table 4.1.

Other info


Size: 8.5 x 11"
Color interior: Yes
Pages: 25-33 per book

Copyright © 2013 Educational Solutions Worldwide Inc.
Based on the works of Dr. Caleb Gattegno, including: Infused Reading - Notes for Teachers (1986), Reading Primers R0&R1 (2009)
Written and designed by Amy Logan.
Cover design by Masayuki Tomita.
All rights reserved
ISBN 978-0-87825-501-6
ISBN 978-0-87825-502-3
ISBN 978-0-87825-503-0
ISBN 978-0-87825-504-7
ISBN 978-0-87825-505-4

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