The Adolescent and His Will

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The Adolescent and His Will Caleb Gattegno.jpg

The Adolescent and His Will

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“What is there in the life of each of us that requires our full attention at a particular age, that is vital for that age or for coming ages and cannot be postponed?”

This is the question Caleb Gattegno poses in his age-specific trilogy The Universe of Babies, Of Boys and Girls, and The Adolescent and His Will.

Gattegno views adolescence as the recasting of experience so that the will can express itself more truly in the rest of one’s life. He uses the first four chapters to express the importance of the contribution of adolescence to human life, while the details of this contribution, including implications for educators, are spelled out in the final three chapters.

Title: The Adolescent and His Will

Author: Caleb Gattegno
Second Edition (161 Pages)
ISBN 978-0-87825-213-8
Copyright © 1971–2010
Educational Solutions Worldwide Inc.

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